[ Outline of researches ]

Outline of researchesOutline of researches

1.Buckling and interior liquid or air flow characteristics ofcollapsible tube as a model of imitation blood vessel or imitation airway
2.In vitro experiment and numerical simulation of pulsatile flow in realistic aortic arch, aortic valve and coronary artery modes
3.Simulation experiment and numerical analysis of respiratory airflow in realistic models of bronchus, pharynx and nasal cavity in respiratory system
4.Development of field-portable fiber optic laser sensor for the velocity measurement of blood and opaque liquid, and development of ultrasound sensor for the detection of embolus in blood
5.Behavior of blood cell in micro-channel array and small circulation characteristics of blood flow
6.Fabrication of realistic models of human tissue having meso-, micro- and nano-order in size
7.Experimental research on flappinging motion of mosquito (Enlarged wing model experiment in low speed wind tunnel)
8.Clarification of blood flow by means of numerical simulation

Outline of researches