[ Technique ]

Our technique

  1. Flow visualization and measurement by laser

  2. Experiment technique for wind tunnel and circuit water tunnel

  3. Flow velocity measurement by laser Doppler velocimetry

  4. Flow visualization using laser sheet

  5. Simultaneous measurement of particle diameter and velocity of liquid droplet/particle by laser phase Doppler method

  6. Development of small-sized flow velocity sensor using optical fiber laser

  7. Measurement of flow velocity from visualized image by PIV/PTV

  8. 3D measurement of large deforming object by visualization technique

  9. Manipulation of fine particle and cell under microscope

  10. Precision processing of fiber by chemical etching

  11. Fabrication of micro-channel(μ-TAS) using MEMS technology

  12. Fabrication of real-shaped physical model of living body

  13. Many methods for computational fluid dynamics